Most of us who have had the exquisite delight  of visiting some of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean, can truly testify to the fact of eating some of the most gorgeous, mouth watering and healthy  cuisine. Whist here in the UK, we often remember  and  reminisce  about the glorious foods we had when we were on vacation Think no further, Caribbean street foods is coming  right here in London soon.

During your days hustle and bustle or after a night out,  tantalize your taste buds with some mouth watering flaming hot jerk chicken, curry goat, jerk burger with sweet potato or plantain fries,  patties,  dumplings with veg fillings or the world famous ackee & sailfish. Quench your thirst by trying our wholesome  delicious smoothies,  mango,  tumric,  ginger and strawberry and grapefruit.  You can also try our take me home range of jerk pies, rice dishes,  roast yams,  soups and stews.
Join us today and see us on a street near you soon.

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