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Most of us who have had the exquisite delight  of visiting some of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean can truly testify to the fact of eating some of the most gorgeous, mouth watering and healthy  cuisine. Whist here in the UK, we often remember  and  reminisce  about the glorious foods we had when we were on vacation.Think no further, Caribbean street foods is here, AKA Street Feed . Street Feed is a creation of individuals  who truly  knows  key ingredients on making  scrumptious meals. All associates who cooks or even those who chop an onion in our kitchen, has been exposed to all the delights of Caribbean  foods from an early age. They  have always  had a fondness for cooking. Experimenting with flavors is their hall mark of distinction, they are  always coming up with new varieties of dishes, sauces and drinks. These new elite of street chefs  has delighted the taste buds of thousands of people by preparing  tasty meals. Now you too can enjoy the flavors of the Caribbean.












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