street feed, homeless


Most of us today have already or about to enjoy a nice wholesome meal with friends and family, and at the end of the day, relax in front of the TV in a lovely warm house before going to bed and having a peaceful sleep.

If this is you, spare a thought for those who are less fortunate to have the basic of a warm house and a bed. In London alone, there are thousands of people, man, woman and children who are facing the prospects of loosing their homes due to the economy or other pressures of life. Regardless of the cause, no one should have to endure the nightmare of homelessness and sleep rough in this vibrant city of ours!

We feel its our social responsibility to fight this fight of homelessness which helps  improves  the lives of homeless people. Support us in this fight, we are inviting you to Street Feed where you will enjoy a delicious three coarse meal at one of our London locations.

If you are homeless, we invite you to eat free at one of our outlets, please contact us for details.

Many thanks













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